Why Butt News?

I’m writer Lindy West and Butt News is my e-mail newsletter and movie club. We are going to talk butts and watch movies! You’ll love it! <3

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Who Am I?

This is me! You might have read my work in the New York Times, or on Jezebel, or in the Stranger. Or maybe you have read one of my books (Shrill, The Witches Are Coming, or, my favorite, Shit, Actually) or watched my television show, Shrill, on Hulu. Or perhaps you follow me on Instagram for updates about my dog’s diarrhea. Or maybe you are my neighbor! I’m sorry we never take our garbage cans in!

What Is Butt News?

Butt News will deliver a brand new original piece of writing, by me, to your e-mail inbox 1-2 times per month, or more, depending on how stressed out I am! Butt News is THE BEST WAY to stay in touch with me, hear my crappy thoughts, ask me questions, find out what lipstick shade that is/where I got my glasses, get mad about my bad takes, and laugh at my jokes!

If you read my last book, Shit, Actually, then you know the vibe—each week I’ll be re-watching a classic blockbuster movie and recapping/roasting it in painstaking detail. The idea is that YOU can ALSO watch the same movie, read my recap (out loud?), and hopefully get the feeling that I’m sitting right there with you in your living room being annoying! And we can discuss it in the comments! It’ll be a whole thing!

How Much Does It Cost?

Butt News Movie Club is 100% free for everyone, but occasionally there will be Special Edition Butt Newses for paid subscribers only, or very very hotly anticipated Butt Newses that paid subscribers will get to read EARLY. Also, the Butt News Movie Club Movie Buttcast—a very ridiculous and fun audio version of Butt News read by ME—is for paid subscribers only as well! I love providing this content for free and I know it’s not feasible for everyone to pay. That’s totally cool. But as a full-time freelancer, this is (truly) one of my main sources of income (LOL), so I can’t tell you how much it means to me when you DO become a monthly ($5/month) or annual ($50/year) paid subscriber! If you REALLY REALLY LOVE ME and are RICH AS HELL you can even be a Founding Member and pay any amount of your choice over the annual $50. Thank you so much for being here and hold on 2 ur butts!

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Lindy West is from Seattle.